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      1. When a new movement in art attains a certain fashion, it is advisable to find out what its advocates are aiming at, for, however farfetched and unreasonable their principles may seem today, it is possible that in years to come they may be regarded as normal.

  结构分析: 本句是由for连接的两个因果关系的并列句;for前面的部分是表示结果的分句,此句结构是when引导的状语从句+主句,主句主干结构是… it is advisable to …,其中,it是形式主语,真正的主语是后面的动词不定式结构;动词不定式结构中又包含一个what引导的宾语从句,做find out的宾语;for后面的部分是表示原因的分句,此句结构是:让步状语从句+主句,主句主干结构是… it is possible that… ,it 是形式主语,真正的主语是后面的that从句;

  译文: 当一场新的艺术运动形成某种时尚时,理应弄清其倡导者的目标所在,因为无论他们的准则在今天看来是多么牵强附会、不可思议,将来都有可能被视为正常的。

  2.The overall result has been to make entrance to professional geological journals harder for amateurs, a result that has been reinforced by the widespread introduction of refereeing, first by national journals in the nineteenth century and then by several local geological journals in the twentieth century.

  结构分析: 本句主干部分是The … result has been to make entrance … harder for amateurs…; 第一个逗号后面是一个名词性短语,中心词是the result,后面是that引导的定语从句;此定语从句中包含两个并列状语,其结构为first by … and then by … ;

  译文: 其总的结果是使业余人员的论文进入专业性地质学杂志更加困难,而审稿制度的引进使论文发表的难度进一步加大,这一制度开始是在19世纪的全国性杂志出现的,进入20世纪后也在一些地方性地质杂志实行。

  3.Sad to say, this project has turned out to be mostly low-level findings about factual errors and spelling and grammar mistakes, combined with lots of head-scratching puzzlement about what in the world those readers really want.

  结构分析:本句主干结构是… this project has turned out to be … findings …; findings前面的mostly low-level是findings的修饰成分,后面的about … 介词结构是宾语findings的宾语补足语;逗号后面的过去分词结构combined是状语成分,表示一种伴随的动作;

  译文: 遗憾的是,这次调查的结果只获得了一些肤浅的发现,诸如新闻报道中的事实错误、拼写或语法错误,以及特别令人费解的困惑:读者到底想读些什么。

  4.A lateral move that hurt my pride and blocked my professional progress prompted me to abandon my relatively high profile career although, in the manner of a disgraced government minister, I covered my exit by claiming “I wanted to spend more time with my family.”

  结构分析: 本句句子主干是A lateral move … prompted me to …; move后面是that引导的定语从句,修饰a lateral move, that在从句做主语;第一个逗号后面的是状语成分,两个逗号之间的部分是插入语;

  译文: 一次平级的人事调动伤了我的自尊心,并阻碍了我的事业发展,这促使我放弃自己地位较高的职业,当然,就像颜面扫尽的政府部长那样,我也掩饰说“我想多陪陪家人”。

  5.I have discovered, as perhaps Kelsey will after her much-publicized resignation from the editorship of She after a build-up of stress, that abandoning the doctrine of “juggling your life” , and making the alternative move into “downshifting” brings with it far greater rewards than financial success and social status.

  结构分析:本句主干结构是I have discovered … + that引导的宾语从句;as引导的句子是伴随状语,可以看作是插入语;在that引导的宾语从句中,主语是两个动名词短语:abandoning … and making …,谓语是brings;

  译文: 我已经发现(由于压力过大,凯尔茜已多次公开宣称要辞去《她》杂志编辑的职务,在这之后她也许会同样发现):放弃“忙忙碌碌”的生活哲学,转而过一种“放慢生活节奏”的生活所带来的回报,比经济成功和社会地位更有价值。

  6.Despite a spell of initial optimismin the 1960s and 1970s when it appeared that transistor circuits andmicroprocessors might be able to copy the action of the human brain by the year2010, researchers lately have begun to extend that forecast by decades if notcenturies.

  结构分析: 本句主干结构为researchers … have began to extendthat forecast…;逗号前面为状语成分,包含一个when引导的定语从句,其中it是形式主语,appear后面是that引导的是主语从句;

  译文: 虽然一开始在20世纪60年代和70年代有过一段乐观的时期--那时候仿佛晶体管电路和微处理器的发展将使它们在2010年能够模仿人类大脑的活动--但是最近研究人员已经开始将这个预测延后数十年,甚至数百年。

  7. Although it ruled that there is noconstitutional right to physician-assisted suicide, the Court in effectsupported the medical principle of “double effect” , a centuries-oldmoral principle holding that an action having two effects - a good one that isintended and a harmful one that is foreseen - is permissible if the actorintends only the good effect.

  结构分析:句子主干: … the Court … supported the medical principle of “doubleeffect” … ; although引导的让步状语从句,其中包含一个that引导的宾语从句,作ruled的宾语;a centuries-old moral principle是the medical principle的同位语,其中包含一个现在分词holding及其宾语从句现在分词短语做定语;宾语从句中,主干部分是:an action … is permissible…,其中having是现在分词作定语,修饰an action;两个破折号之间是对two effects的解释说明;宾语从句中还包含一个if引导的条件状语从句;


  8. For example, a grandmotherly womanstaffing an animal rights booth at a recent street fair was distributing abrochure that encouraged readers not to use anything that comes from or istested in animals - no meat, no fur, no medicines.

  结构分析:句子主干是:… a … woman … was distributing a brochure … ; woman后面的现在分词短语staffing an animal rights booth是woman的后置定语;brochure后面的that引导定语从句; anything后面的that引导定语从句;


  9. Finally, because the ultimatestakeholders are patients, the health research community should activelyrecruit to its cause not only well-known personalities such as Stephen Cooper,who has made courageous statements about the value of animal research, but allwho receive medical treatment.

  结构分析:句子主干结构是: … the health research community should … recruit to its causenot only … but … ; because引导的原因状语从句;Stephen Cooper后面是一个who引导的非限制性定语从句;最后一个who引导定语从句修饰all;


  10. Shielded by third-party payers fromthe cost of our care, we demand everything that can possibly be done for us,even if it's useless.

  结构分析:句子主干为:… we demand everything … ; 第一个逗号前为过去分词短语shielded引导的状语成分,第二个逗号后面是even if引导的让步状语从句;everything后面是that引导的定语从句,that在从句中作主语;








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